Spouse selection standards are different! What kind of man is most worth a woman to cherish?

Women have different standards of spouse selection, some people pay attention to the appearance of conditions, some people pay attention to the connotation of personality, while others prefer material conditions, but whatever the reason, they hope to marry a good man finally. But with all sorts of dull and unhappy marriage, women begin to wonder whether they are marrying the wrong man”.
Pay attention to such emotions of women, who are greedy, always not complacent. If your that he, may not have a lot of money, not so romantic humor, but as long as know love, love and cherish, then this man must be worth a woman to cherish.
Spouse selection standards are different! What kind of man is most worth a woman to cherish?
A man who understands love.

Such men know what love is, love is a blend, usually more respect for women, he knows what women need, the marriage will be dedicated to want to give her happiness; understand love men know that love is caring, understanding when women are most vulnerable, more know how to care for his wife, can let the woman depend on; understand love men know that love is a taste, understand married life is not all sweet, conflicts between husband and wife is a normal state of marriage, the wife is more inclusive and will take the initiative to resolve conflicts. A woman who marries such a man, even if he does not have the ability to earn more money, can also find ways to make his wife happy, it is worth a woman to cherish.
Two, the man who will love.
This man knows how to love a woman, no matter how hard life after marriage, he will try to let the wife of happiness; love men understand women’s character, even if he is wife gas, can also generous enough to accommodate her shortcomings; love men know how to care for a woman, wife uncomfortable he will accompany the meticulous care, the night when he wife will keep on waiting for her, would rather starve, do not let the wife in danger; love men know how to coax a woman happy, he can remember the day the wife, give her more romance and surprises, let them feel the joy and happiness.
Three, precious man.
He may not be so handsome, but he is willing to pay for his lover. He seldom thinks about how much he deserves. Cherish the men know how to cherish the feelings of the couple, it is easier to talk to the beloved woman to each other, not only did he do something sorry wife, will give all my love to her. This man was in real life a good husband to marry a woman, he is more reliable, do not worry about all day he kissed back relative to those of the high rate of youngsters and wealthy Fujiazidi, happiness and security more secure women want. Such a man is an ideal companion for a woman, and is worth a woman’s life.
Many women tend to choose a mate, the material conditions in the first place, I hope to live an extravagant life after marriage. The idea itself is not wrong, after all, the poor and lowly misery, lack of material guarantee of marriage is not perfect. But emotion is the basis of marriage, material is only the guarantee of life, if only stare at money and ignore each other’s character, marriage is also difficult to get the happiness. Therefore, when a woman chooses a partner, if the character and the material can not have both, it is recommended to put the character first, because the material life can be created, and single married wrong person, it is difficult to remedy.

Both sides will be happy married a divorced woman remarried happy

Both sides will be happy married a divorced woman remarried happy
How many people are willing to marry marriage male I don’t know, but I have no other choice, can only choose to marry him, after all he is in line with my spouse, people are honest and material basis. Marriage is not one to live it, a divorced woman what better choice?

双方都是二婚会幸福吗 离婚的女人再婚幸福吗
I ended a marriage that was not long ago a year ago, probably because I was young and long enough. Just two months after my divorce, my colleagues said that I was looking for someone to help me. I did not refuse, after all, think of yourself now, and find a man who really has a material base, at least help me out of the present predicament. In addition to honest point, there are physical conditions, other things I do not dare to expect what experienced a failed marriage, I want to become more simple and clear up, as long as there is a stable home, a man can love me.
In this case, I know the peak. He has run a company, a car and a house, and his wife has died for an accident for three years. Although the appearance is not very good, but also older age, I am fifteen years old. Remember the first time we met, the first question I have made him feel uncomfortable, I asked him, you can not have children? He is obviously a bit shocked, then a bit cramped. Half a day ago, “should be… No problem.”.” Words have not finished, sweat has been flowing down the cheeks.

As a woman, you must know how to respect yourself and protect yourself

For women, not what is more important than respect yourself, protect yourself! A lot of women in the affected at the same time because of various reasons and did not dare to swallow, or do not want to stand up for ourselves, in fact, against external damage is a non sense as it should be, but also respect and the most direct way to protect themselves. At this point, Taylor, Swift, and Gigi Hadid made a very good example of what happened to themselves.

As a woman, we must know how to respect and protect ourselves
As a woman, we must know how to respect and protect ourselves
Last month, Taylor Swift accused the radio host David Mueller sexual harassment case finally results, Taylor Swift in favor of justice! According to proposed her previous requirements, David Mueller must pay her $1.
As a woman, we must know how to respect and protect ourselves
In early 2013, Taylor had publicly said the outside world, a Denver radio host David Muller was on her feet. Since then, Muller once accused Swift of libel, and Swift also met Muller his counterclaim not resigned to playing second fiddle, sexual harassment and violence.
As a woman, we must know how to respect and protect ourselves
After winning, Taylor Swift embraced the lawyer and mother, and thanked the jury, then said: I would like to thank the judges and the jury of the careful evaluation, thank you for my lawyer and other victims of sexual harassment victims struggle, people and the parties to provide assistance. I admit that because of my identity, I have received a lot of help in this trial, so I will donate future victims of sexual harassment and sexual abuse to related groups.

Women how to regulate mood of self pacified coup

Life will inevitably encounter a variety of unhappy and depressed, if the direct conflict will vent their temper, will affect work, hurt feelings. Then learn how to adjust your emotions. Here’s how to adjust your emotions in your life!
How to adjust the mood of self a coup

如何调节情绪 自我息怒的妙招
I. psychological catharsis.
When the person is defeated, can produce a lot of negative mood, this kind of mood depends on block up, cannot be blocked, better method is to be in appropriate occasion to let out. This method generally includes “vent room” catharsis, writing, catharsis, pour out to people. “The discharge chamber” catharsis method refers to the special software to establish room, rubber products and objects strike violently. Of course, as students, without this condition, find a secluded corner of the tree, stone vent, the effect is the same. Writing and catharsis is to express one’s dissatisfaction through writing letters, diaries and paintings. To talk to people, is to their troubles, anger, pain and so on, to the teacher, friends or relatives to pour out one or cry, in order to ease the psychological pressure. Generally speaking, frustrated due to the interference of negative emotions, individuals tend to become narrow minded, stubborn, extreme lack of predictability of the consequences of behavior, and through appropriate vent, relaxed mood, cognition is normal.
Two, pay attention to transfer.
Divert your attention from something negative. When you are in trouble, you can take temporary avoidance, go to movies, TV, listen to music, go for a walk, do sports, or do something else. This method is very effective.
How to adjust the mood of self a coup
Three, reverse thinking.
Look at the problem from another angle or look at it from a light angle. In the face of setbacks, we should think from the positive side, try to find favorable factors from the adverse factors, so as to mobilize their enthusiasm. Life will be “calm” and “blessing in disguise”.

What does ambiguous mean? Take inventory of those feelings of ambiguity

What does ambiguous mean? A lot of people may not be unfamiliar with the word “ambiguous”. Although they talk about who plays ambiguous, they don’t understand “ambiguity”. At what stage is the relationship between men and women?. Here to help you analyze the ambiguous meaning of it!

暧昧是什么意思 盘点玩暧昧会出现的那些感觉
What does ambiguous mean?
Ambiguity is the ambiguous and uncertain relationship between men and women. Is a very special relationship between men and women, between friendship, and detached from friendship. Ambiguous expressions can be expressed in a variety of languages and movements.
What does ambiguous mean? Take inventory of those feelings of ambiguity
The “word” detailed explanation of ambiguous word
1, (1) dim, (2) vague and unclear; (3) unknown attitude or hidden privacy, but also refers to the improper relationship between men and women. The ambiguity that modern people refer to may mean more than third interpretations. But in my understanding, ambiguity is just a relationship between men and women, not necessarily an improper relationship. Ambiguity is a state of universal friendship between men and women, but not when it comes to relationships. Maybe that’s what people call the fourth kind of feeling. Ambiguous need to grasp a degree, more than this degree, perhaps become pure relationship between men and women.
2, ambiguous is a feeling, is that both men and women appreciate each other, cherish each other. Ambiguity may be only a matter of thinking about the physical relationship between men and women, and it is limited to thinking. Ambiguous is only see does not touch. Modern society is an age of relatively open thinking, and the relationship between men and women is not the same as before the reform and opening up. At that time, men and women were generally gay. But now is not the same, the reform and opening up, people’s ideas are open, for men and women exchanges, but also a deeper level.

Why do older women marry so late? Because there are too few men?

As the saying goes, turnip greens, all have love, why these women did not marry? According to the Japanese Livedoor news network reported on August 14th, and single women have their own standards, most men have their own standard, and the following is the majority of women men said they did not want to marry.

The BizLady conducted a survey of 500 men under the age of 50, with the themes of “women who do not want to be married.”.
“When you think about getting married, what kind of women are you not thinking about?””
The above problems, many married men, according to their experience, draw the following conclusions.
The first is the result of bad character.
The character is not good, including love speak ill, self-centered and willful, in addition, there are also some open, and subtly malicious arrogant answer, also won’t do housework, poor management of household also accounted for a large proportion of the people. In modern times, many men ask for the ability to manage their homes and families.
Next comes the results of smoking attitudes and external images.
No good life habit, even smoking, looks sloppy, not to pick up their money, but also bad has become the eyes of men possessed point. There are many similarities between men and women who share the same characteristics as those who do not want to marry.
Finally, the result of the idea of financial management.
Wasteful, break the pale, materialgirl all cannot be accepted. Of course, for women, such men are not good.
The above is a summary of the common features of women who do not want to be married from 500 questionnaires. In the above various answers, we can see that only a few people pay attention to “Yan” and “temperament””. It shows that most people still think that “inner” is more important.

The most blind and idiotic sign of a trick girl

The world all criticizes playboy, who knows there are still a group of single dogs in this world, ten thousand years can not open the hole of the young woman, can only Wang Wangwang…… If you count those skills most blind white bubble sign, don’t imitate yo!
First place: Sagittarius
Full dull no girls the metrosexual man, biological view of mind, not to mention the bubble.
Second place: Leo
Energy-saving rather turgid lion, in order to make love will pay attention to their own, the upper and lower body wearing designer, soil pride lunged. Also considered rude as domineering, it is easy to arouse the majority of female students antipathy.
Third place: Capricorn
Capricorn people like shape, not exposed to color, and dare not and like people hit the line, only dare to love buried in the heart, until the girls do something to get the progress of love.
Fourth place: Aries
Aries people will think each other and their personality is the same, who knows the first meeting will kneel, courtship impulse sheep, will only be pulled into the blacklist of girls.
Fifth place: Virgo
The Virgo man is suitable for daozhui sign, because personality is shy, people do not know what to do about love, but then no blush.

Ten reasons why a woman has to marry and have children before she is 30? Do you agree?

The reason why a woman must marry and have children before she is 30:
First, the law stipulates that a girl can marry at the age of 20. The current “marriage law” provisions of the minimum age of marriage for women was 20 years, 23 years of age is late. This fully shows that women come to the age of marriage at the age of 20. Since that’s the case, you’re not sure if you’re going to be in love for 10 years
Two is 30 years old before, the most beautiful woman, choose more face. 20-30 year old woman is the most beautiful stage of life, many suitors, women have more choice, can gain the initiative in love, in many admirers among the most suitable for your selection including uncle Prince charming.
Three is the healthiest before 30, and the child who is born is the healthiest. At the age of 20 to 30 year old women’s health, not only physically mature, and all aspects of the disease, at least, in this age of birth out of children’s health, and after 30 years of age, as older mothers, increase the risk coefficient of birth, the probability of pregnancy is also more and more low, the possibility of genetic diseases appear more large children have increased the possibility of defects.
Four, the sooner you get married, the more you expect your marriage to be. Before the age of 30, you’re full of fantasies of love and marriage, have a happy and sweet plan, you will show this time is very romantic, very pure, this is a man’s love, over time, after the age of 30, you of love and marriage is more realistic, more realistic you the performance of the more vulgar, expectations of marriage value is low, the man is more and more not trust, so that your satisfaction of love and marriage will be lower, and even marriage infertility doctrine.
Five, the more emotions women experience, the less men accept them. The 30 year old unmarried women, generally experienced too much emotion, lost interest in love and marriage, often no longer believe that there is a man on the earth, no longer believe in love, but the common man cannot accept emotional experience too many women.
Six is the age of 30, the choice of men less and less. 30 years old before the woman, the same age excellent men, uncle, whatever you pick, but after 30 years old, the same age men have married, and the same age excellent unmarried men and uncle still persistent, still staring at more than 20 year old girl.
Seven, competition in the workplace has advantages. People’s work time in more than 20 to 60 years old, prime time in fact 30 years old to 50 years old, and if you have not married at the age of 30, the unit will not accept, at least not the workplace competitive advantage, moreover, women in the workplace competition than men, and you after the age of 30 even married, you said your competitive advantage? This is also an increasing number of masters and doctoral students in school during the marriage and children of important reasons.
Eight is 30 years old before the completion of marriage, children, in line with life changes. You 30 years before the completion of your parents married, 60 years old, the body is relatively good, can help you with the children, when your children at the age of 30, you just retired, and the body is relatively OK, so you can take them for raising children, but also to bring their old age working more the happiness of a family union, let the children enjoy the in fact, this is a relatively perfect life replacement process.
The nine is to make you work harder. 30 years old before the completion of marriage and children, your life will be full of pressure, you will have the power of struggle, will be early planning life, planning the goal of struggle. Otherwise, you will spend your youth in vain, until you realize that time is short and opportunities are scarce.


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